My Thoughts about Public Service

When I was first elected to City Council, I dedicated myself to a few principles which would be the basis of all my service on Council:

  • Limited taxation
  • Open and transparent decision making
  • Clear priorities and staying true to them
  • Disciplined government spending
  • Practical problem solving

Over the years I've never wavered from any of them. And the reason I've found them so valuable is because I can apply them in good times or bad, times that are lean, and times that are flush. By believing in and practicing these principles:

  • I've never had to put my finger to the wind.
  • I've never had to recreate who I am.
  • And I've never had to redefine what I stand for.

So this I guarantee: if privileged to continue to serve you and your city, I will stay true to these same principle — rock solid.

Because, in the end, it is all about trust. If you want trusted, you have to work to be trustworthy. Because, whether in our personal, professional, or political lives, trust is the only currency that should never be devalued. And I value your trust.

You know I'm a very fortunate man. I'm fortunate to have had my wife, Carole, by my side for 46 years. I'm fortunate to have a wonderful daughter, Christine, and her husband, Frank. I'm fortunate to have a wonderful son, John.

I'm fortunate that I'm able to serve children in illness and in health.

And I'm fortunate to have been given the opportunity to serve alongside fine and dedicated colleagues. In spite of many challenges over the years, I believe we have been able to make some very positive differences in Chesapeake.

I will sincerely appreciate the support of each of you and I would be personally grateful for your vote of that support on May 1st. John de Triquet 2018 - Authorized and Paid for by John de Triquet