It’s all about Trust 2

Ibelievethat if you want to be trusted, you've got to work to earn that trust. Anyone can make campaignpromises. Over the years, I have worked hard tokeep my word, to earn your trust, andto get results for Chesapeake families.

I hope you'll agree that I have.

I have never wavered from the guiding principles I brought to City Council when I was first elected:

  • Limited taxation and fees
  • Open and transparent decision making
  • Clearpriorities and sticking to them
  • Disciplined spending ofyour tax dollars
  • Practical problem solving, notpetty politics

And this I guarantee..I will continue tohold true to these same principles and priorities--rock solid.

John de Triquet

Many thanks to my friends and neighbors for their support and endorsement. Here are just a few:

Governor GeorgeAllen
Susan Allen
Steve Allen
Beth Banks
School Board Member Samuel Boone
Art Brandriff
School Board Member Jeff Bunn
RPC Chairman Pete Burkhimer
Dena Cain
Lisa Campbell
Treasurer Barbara Carraway
Mark Cernak
Jane Chenault
Oran Chenault
Commissioner of Revenue Ray Conner
Senator John Cosgrove
Council Member Lonnie Craig
School Board Chairman Christie Craig
Cathy Fanslau
Charlie Ferguson
Howard Fitzpatrick
Lori Galbraith
Former School Board Chairman Barbara Head
Irene Hurst
Brenda Ike
Council Member Robert Ike
Delegate Chris Jones
Justina Karali
Council Member Suzy Kelly
Delegate Barry Knight
Mary Korving
Mayor Alan Krasnoff
Phyllis Krasnoff
Tiffany Kulakowski
Judy Kunba
Joyce Kupetz
Delegate Jay Leftwich
Jim Lewallen
Council Member Scott Matheson
Barry Mathias
School Board Member Harry Murphy
Richard Naigle
Sheriff Jim O’Sullivan
Commonwealth's Attorney Nancy Parr
Lilli Jo Pritchard
School Board Member Victoria Proffitt
Ann Quesinberry
Del Quesinberry
Council Member Debbie Ritter
Former School Board Member Steve Rodriguez
Bob Rowland
Susan Schaffner
Anne Scribner
Pete Snyder, Fox News
Deborah Stanley
June Strausser
Sandra Swoope
Barry Sykes
Jim Thomson
Martha Thomson
Carole Turner
Anna Van Laethem
Planning Commissioner George Van Laethem
Nelson Velez, Portsmouth Tea Party Chairman
Delegate Ron Villanueva
Gene Waters
Council Member Rick West
Beverly Whedbee
Planning Commissioner Marty Williams
Claire Winarek
School Board Member Michael Woods
John Wynn

Chesapeake Education Association

Public Safety Alliance

Republican Party of Chesapeake

And, of course, my family: Carole, Christine de Triquet-Byrum, Johnny de Triquet, and Frank Byrum.

VOTE MAY 6TH! John de Triquet 2018 - Authorized and Paid for by John de Triquet