Chesapeake - City Budget, 2013-2014

Recently your City Council approved an Operating Budget of over $900,000,000 for the upcoming fiscal year. Six years ago I proposed that City Council adopt three clear and simple budget principles to guide us in budgeting your tax dollars. I am pleased to report that my colleagues embraced my recommendations and continue to be guided by them. Those principles are:

1) No increase in the real estate tax rate;

2) No new fees for current services;

3) Identifying operating efficiencies and reducing spending accordingly.

Additionally, I have been uncompromising in fighting to maintain cash reserves to guard against unanticipated expenses. This common sense principle helps protect al of us from reductions or suspension of essential services due to economic or environmental emergencies.

The Fiscal Year 2013-2014 Budget provides for the following:

Education 50%

Public Safety 15%

Environmental Vitality 16% (sewers, water, other services)

Quality of Life 6% (Parks & Recreation, Social Services)

During the development of the yearly budget a number of Public Hearings are held to receive comments and suggestions form citizens. I urge you to participate in these hearings, make your voice heard, and contribute to the good government of our great City John de Triquet 2018 - Authorized and Paid for by John de Triquet