Dear Chesapeake Friends,

Thank you for the continuing trust and confidence you have placed in me.

I look forward to continue serving you over the next four years and to working with you to help maintain and enhance Chesapeake as a wonderful placeto live and raiseour families.

One of my goals is practical problem solving. To that end, I would appreciate your input regarding city services--especially anything that personally affects you and your family.

I can be reached by e-mail

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any service to you.

Once again, thank you for your ongoing support and trust.

With best regards,

John de Triquet

Many thanks to my friends and neighbors for their support and endorsement. Here are just a few:

Susan and Bucky Archer

Elizabeth Bason
School Board Member Samuel Boone

Daniel E. Boyle Jr., MD
Art Brandriff
School Board Member Jeff Bunn – “Vice Mayor John deTriquet and his wife Carole have always been Supportive of the Chesapeake School system. Having two children attend and graduate from the Chesapeake Public School system, they know first hand the importance of a strong School district.”

Pete Burkhimer
Dena and Mike Cain
Treasurer Barbara Carraway– “John has represented the city as well as our councilmen. I am proud to endorse his candidacy for re-election.”
Mark Carey – “In a time when true leadership is at a minimum, John deTriquet, MD has proven himself not only to be a fine servant to the medical world, but also a tested servant to the citizens of the city of Chesapeake.”

Arthur Chapman – “Dr. deTriquet is a most respected and capable individual. I have known him for more than 30 years; he merits the highest confidence.”

Mary Coley

Ray Conner

Peter K. Conlogue – “I’ve known John deTriquet for more than a decade. He’s always demonstrated his leadership with integrity, honesty and sincerity. With a proven track record of fairness and impartiality, Dr. deTriquet’s character is exemplified by every act which may define a gentleman. I regard it as a privilege to endorse John deTriquet for City Council.”
Senator John Cosgrove
Council Member Lonnie Craig
School Board Member Christie Craig

Roland Davis

Joyce Dooley

Daniel Dooley

Hollis Ellis

Cathy Fanslau
Charlie Ferguson

Amy Miller Floriano

The Honorable Randy Forbes &Shirley Forbes

Lori Galbraith – “Dr. deTriquet has been an invaluable member of our City Council, steadfastly upholding Conservative principles and values.”

Adam and Vicki Gicz – “A great public servant of impeccable character”

Thelma Gilbert

Rosalin Gilbert

Edwin Gorby – “I was on the way out of a meeting when I first met John deTriquet; we stopped to greet each other and he asked me if there was anything he could do for me. I told him about a big dip in the road at Myrtle avenue and David Avenue that needed to be fixed. I received a letter from John in four days telling me that the problem had been brought to the attention of the public works department. The hole was fixed in four weeks.”

Donna Grier

Eurith Grier

Raymond Harper
Irene Hurst
Brenda Ike
Council Member Robert Ike
Delegate Chris Jones

Brenda Johnson

Commissioner of Revenue Frank King – “I have long admired Dr. John deTriquet’s fair and reasonable approach to representing the Citizens of Chesapeake. I am proud to support his re-election to City Council. I know he will continue to serve Citizens in an effective and responsible manner and be a prudent steward for the future.”
Delegate Barry Knight
Clerk of Court Alan Krasnoff
Phyllis Krasnoff
Judy Kunba
Joyce Kupetz
Delegate Jay Leftwich
Jim Lewallen

School Board Member Thomas L. Mercer Sr. – “John, I am proud to endorse you.”

Miki Miller
School Board Member Harry Murphy
Sheriff Jim O’Sullivan

School Board Member Victoria Proffitt
Council Member Debbie Ritter

Robert and Judy Schwechten
Susan Schaffner
Anne Scribner

Debra Smith
Pete Snyder, Fox News
Sandra Swoope

Louis Tayon, Jr.
Carole Turner

First Vice Chairman of the YRFVA and Chairman of WTYRS (Chesapeake YR) Thomas Tuner
Anna Van Laethem – “Dr. deTriquet has been a wonderful steward of our city. His fiscally conservative principles have ensured Chesapeake has stayed on an even keel.”
Former Planning Commissioner George Van Laethem

Patricia Vass – “He has always been there for Chesapeake and its people.”
Nelson Velez, Portsmouth Tea Party Chairman
Mayor Rick West- “Since I have been serving on City Council, John deTriquet has been a voice of reason, thoughtfulness, and careful analysis. Chesapeake needs John; our City Council needs John; I need John.”
Planning Commissioner Marty Williams
School Board Member Michael Woods

Chesapeake Education Association

Republican Party of Chesapeake John de Triquet 2018 - Authorized and Paid for by John de Triquet